Adult Assembly Required

adult assembly jacket

Adult Assembly Required by Abbi Waxman

Laura Costello moves from New York to Los Angeles for grad school. Before classes begin, she finds herself needing a new place to live, ASAP. Drenched after a rainstorm, Laura ends up in a bookstore with quirky, friendly booksellers (first encountered in the companion novel The Bookish Life of Nina Hill) and is referred to a charming boardinghouse where she meets Polly, Impossibly Handsome Bob, and the other residents. Laura and Bob watch baseball games together and shoot hoops, while Polly and Nina recruit her for their trivia team. Sounds cozy, like a romantic comedy, right?

Yet Laura struggles mightily with anxiety and PTSD after a serious car accident and hasn’t gotten the support she wanted from her family. In the end, her new friends and landlady help Laura face her fears in a comfort read with substance. Besides other titles by Abbi Waxman, readalikes include books by Emily Giffin, Linda Holmes, and Taj McCoy.