Colleen Hoover Readalikes

Colleen Hoover — Readalikes

We talked about author Colleen Hoover and her All-Star stats in a previous post and maybe you have put some of her books on hold.  But what to read while you are waiting for your books to come in?

While Hoover’s books are considered “New Adult,” meaning protagonists are between the ages of 18 and 26, and her stories include Romance, Sex, Tears, and Plot Twists, her content varies.  In addition to love stories, she has written a psychological thriller, “Verity,” a paranormal love story, “Layla,” and books about domestic violence, drug abuse, and poverty.  Regardless, Hoover’s books bring in capital D Drama with gripping stories and dialogue. 

So while you are waiting for your next CoHo book, try one of these authors!       Gayle

(See Gayle’s CoHo Readalikes book display in the library this month!)               

Andre, Bella

Audrain, Ashley

Bailey, Tessa

Bennett, Brit

Callahan, Tess

Carlino, Renee

Carty-Williams, Candice

Cole, Courtney

Dawson, Maddie

Debartolo, Tiffanie 

Emezi, Akwaeke

Emezi, Akwaeke

Fisher, Tarryn

Fortune, Carley

Harte, Marie

Hatvany, Amy

Hendricks, Greer

Hoang, Helen

Jimenez, Abby

Keane, Mary Beth

Larkin, Allie

Lauren, Christina

Loren, Roni

Lovering, Carola

Lynn, Stacey

Morrow, Rebecca 

Moyes, JoJo

Novak, Brenda

Reid, Taylor Jenkins

Ronin, Isabelle

Score, Lucy

Serle, Rebecca

Silver, Josie

Sweeney, Cynthia D’Aprix

Todd, Anna

Tucker, K. A.

Williams, Tia

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