Love & Other Disasters

Love & Other Disasters by Anita Kelly

Dahlia Woodson, a self-taught chef, is feeling stressed and finds her fellow Chef’s Special competitors intimidating, and sometime grumpy. London is dealing with having come out as non-binary on television, and they are distracted by Dahlia’s energy, klutziness, and long wavy hair. Of course, the pair become friends, feel attraction, and begin a romance. That’s about all that’s predictable in this warmhearted yet snarky romantic comedy set on a fictional cooking show, Chef’s Special. Readers will enjoy spending time on the set with Dahlia and London, along with armchair travel as they explore greater Los Angeles. The descriptions of the cooking and baking competition are fun, and the memorable characters make for very good company. Readalikes include Battle Royal by Lucy Parker and Honey Girl by Morgan Rogers.



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