The Violin Conspiracy

The Violin Conspiracy by Brendan Slocumb

Ray McMillan has a dream to play the violin and possibly earn a living from his music. Only his grandmother encourages him, and has Ray search her attic for her grandfather’s violin. But as a Black teen in rural North Carolina, the odds are not in his favor. When the family violin turns out to be valuable, his mother and her siblings just want to sell it and split the money. And Ray’s family aren’t the only ones with a suspicious interest in his violin. When Ray finds a supportive violin teacher in Janice, he sets his sights higher, with hopes to be a classical and jazz violinist, and maybe even a soloist and a contestant in a prestigious music competition in Moscow.

The author is a Black violinist and music teacher who put some of his stories from his own journey to becoming a musician into this moving, suspenseful thriller; and all of his love for music. A second novel, The Composer’s Last Score, though not a sequel, is in the works. Engaging and dramatic, this memorable debut is a Library Reads pick and a Good Morning America Book Club selection.


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