The Rosie Effect

The Rosie Effect by Graeme Simsionrosie effect jacket

I was disappointed by this sequel to the funny, charming book The Rosie Project. Although Don Tillman has moved to New York City with Rosie, very little of the city’s atmosphere is described, not even museums or baseball stadiums. Mostly, Don works at Columbia, Rosie is a student, and they mostly connect at dinner. Their marriage is threatened by a simple failure of communication. Rosie would like to have a baby, but thinks that Don isn’t interested. In his own unique way, Don goes about trying to observe, learn about, and have contact with babies and children, but keeps getting in trouble, and keeps secrets from Rosie. Gene even comes to live with Don and Rosie, but this doesn’t help. The Rosie Effect is a quick read, but if I hadn’t cared about what happened to Don and Rosie, I wouldn’t have finished it. Here’s hoping any future books bring back the charm of The Rosie Project.


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