Any Duchess Will Do

duchess jacketAny Duchess Will Do by Tessa Dare

While the plot resembles Cinderella or My Fair Lady, the novel is a charming, sensual Regency romance. Griff is kidnapped by his mother and dragged to the seaside town of Spindle Cove to choose a bride, any bride. His mother will give the young woman lessons to become a perfect duchess. It turns out that his mother can’t wait any longer for grandchildren, and Griff, as a duke, is expected to have heirs. Stubborn Griff chooses none of the young ladies present, but instead Pauline Simms, a servant and a farmer’s daughter. She agrees to a week in London, and has a side bet with Griff that if she fails to become the perfect future duchess, she will return home with enough money to open a bookshop. Plenty of humor, an instant attraction between Griff and Pauline, and a dowager duchess who knits, badly, make for an enjoyable read.


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