November Book Discussions

aviator's wife jacketOn November 19 at 10:00am, the Tuesday Morning Group will discuss The Aviator’s Wife, by Melanie Benjamin. Anne Morrow Lindbergh, shy daughter of an ambassador is starstruck by famous aviator Charles Lindbergh. She finds that she likes to fly, and is thrilled when Lindbergh picks her to be his wife and partner in aviation. She is expected to learn to fly, to navigate, and to put Charles’ wishes ahead of her own. He dislikes media attention, and his fame greatly affects their lives over the years. Anne’s passion to write and her desire for independence make her life with her Charles challenging, as do his political views. A fascinating view of the marriage of two famous, complicated individuals.

olive tree jacketOn Tuesday, November 26 at 7:00pm, the Tuesday Evening Group will discuss The Roots of the Olive Tree, by Courtney Miller Santo. Five generations of women live in the olive groves of Northern California, where Anna, now 112, longs to be the oldest person in the world. A geneticist studies them, hoping to find the secrets of successful super-agers. Is it the olive oil, their environment, or their genes? The relationships between the generations of women are varied, and the reader learns about their past and the struggles and secrets that bind and divide them. Anna, the eldest, and Erin, the youngest, are the main narrators, but all of the women get a turn while they await the arrival of Erin’s child.

The Crime Readers will meet at 7:00pm at Home Run Inn Pizza in Darien on Thursday, November 21 to discuss The Moving Target, by Ross Macdonald. The Crime Readers is co-sponsored by the Indian Prairie Public Library.

Copies of all of the books are available now at the Reference Desk in the Adult/Young Adult Department.




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