shaman jacketShaman by Kim Stanley Robinson

This is not the book fans would expect from award-winning science fiction writer Robinson. He is best known for his Mars trilogy, beginning with Red Mars, and for his Science in the Capital novels about global warming, beginning with Forty Signs of Rain. Other recent books include Antarctica and 2312. All of his books have been set in the future. Now he travels back tens of thousands of years, to the Ice Age. His main character is young Loon, an orphan and the reluctant apprentice to his clan’s shaman, Thorn. The book begins with Loon going on his wander, two weeks alone in late winter with no food, clothes, or supplies. He is supposed to rejoin his community at the next full moon, with stories to tell. He certainly has some memorable adventures, on his wander and over the whole span of this book. There are some similarities to Jean Auel’s Earth’s Children saga, and also to Jack London’s stories set in the Yukon Territory. Loon becomes a teenager, tries to memorize Thorn’s stories, travels to a clan gathering, falls in love, goes on a quest to the icy north, gets kidnapped, and learns to create cave paintings. The setting and culture are vividly described; I’d really enjoy a sequel or companion novel.


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