The Sound of Broken Glass

broken glass jacketThe Sound of Broken Glass by Deborah Crombie

Juggling a blended household and their jobs at Scotland Yard is challenging for Gemma James and Duncan Kincaid. It’s Duncan’s turn to go on leave and take care of Charlotte, their young foster daughter. Weekend plans are put on hold when Gemma is called to a hotel in South London where a lawyer has been killed, along with Detective Sergeant Melody Talbot. When their colleague Doug Cullen falls off a ladder, Melody and Duncan both pitch in, but when Melody falls for Andy, a young musician with a troubled past, it complicates the case, especially when another lawyer is killed. The mix of police work and juggling responsibilities at home make for an appealing mystery. As we learn about Andy’s background, the connections between the killings starts to become clear. The first book in the series is A Share in Death, but I find that this series has gotten even more interesting, as the characters develop and change from book to book. I enjoyed listening to the audiobook, narrated by Gerard Doyle.


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