Eighty Days

eighty days jacketEighty Days, by Matthew Goodman

On November 14,1889, Nellie Bly, an investigative reporter for the New York World, left New York City on a steamship headed east. Her goal: to travel around the world in 75 days, outdoing Jules Verne’s fictional Phileas Fogg. Traveling by steamship and train, she briefly visited several points in Europe, even meeting Jules Verne in France, then headed through the Suez Canal for points east, observing and commenting on the British Empire in the Victorian era. Traveling with only one small bag, she took the world by storm, visiting Ceylon, Hong Kong, and Japan. Half-way around the world, she was informed that journalist Elizabeth Bisland was traveling in the other direction, in a last-minute attempt by her publisher to beat Nellie Bly. Elizabeth sets out for the American west, on the new transatlantic railroad, a Southern literary critic surprised to be blazing a trail for American women. The story of their eventful journeys and the aftermath make for a great armchair travel experience for the reader.


2 thoughts on “Eighty Days

  1. Nellie Bly attended Indiana State Normal School, which turned into the Indiana University of Pennsylvania. She’s still celebrated here in the IUP journalism department. Did you know that Nellie Bly also faked insanity in order to study and report on the conditions inside of a mental institution?

  2. My wife really loves armchair travel books. I recently bought her “One American Woman Fifty Italian Men” by Lynne Ashdown, http://lynneashdown.com/ and she loved it. With her birthday coming up, another good book might be the perfect gift and I think she’d really like this one. Thanks for the post and idea.

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