hunted jacketHunted by Kevin Hearne

I’m a series reader and over the years I’ve dropped more series than I’ve kept up with. They become too repetitive, or the characters simply never change and keep making bad decisions and never seem to learn, or sometimes the world conspires against the main character who is miserable but fighting on, or every book is a new villain that has to be different but somehow is just like all the ones before it. 

I thought the Iron Druid Chronicles was headed that way. It was Atticus–the main character who’s a 2,000 year old Druid and the last of his kind–who wasn’t changing. He adapts to fit in with the culture he’s in but he’d done it too well and sounded like a kid who spent all his time on the internet and thought LOLcats was the height of human achievement. Internet references worked to show how Atticus keeps up with the times but eventually they distracted me from the story and had me hoping some thunder god would zap Atticus into silence for a while. But while he was making annoying jokes, Atticus was also angering various gods and now he’s dealing with the consequences so he’s let up on the dorky jokes. Some of the gods are so sick of him that they cut him off from routes that would let him travel between planes and around the Earth and they started hunting him. In the last book, he had to find a way to bind his apprentice Granuaile to the Earth to complete her training to become a Druid. Now she’s fully bound and they’re on the run.  

Previous events triggered the beginning of Ragnarok and removed some of the safeguards that would have prevented it. As a Druid–a protector of the Earth–Atticus has to take action. Part of that is convincing gods from outside the Norse pantheon that Ragnarok is bad for them, too, and they should stop messing with a lowly Druid and work together to save the Earth. He has some successes and for once doesn’t seem to have done lasting harm. After Hunted, I’m back to looking forward to the next book and seeing how well Atticus deals with being known to so many powerful figures and what his role in the world will become.


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