The 5th Wave

5th wave jacketThe 5th Wave by Rick Yancey

Cassie, 16, is a survivor. Her little brother Sammy, age 5, might be. Cassie’s two prized possession are a rifle and her brother’s teddy bear. She has lived through three attacks on Earth by an orbiting spaceship, and has survived the 4th wave so far. The 1st wave was a pulse that knocked out the power grid. The 2nd wave caused tsunamis, wiping out the coastal cities. The 3rd wave was plague. The 4th wave is worse; some humans now have alien minds. After her parents die, Cassie is alone, possibly the only real human left. Her goal is to reunite with her brother. She meets Evan Marshall, who takes care of her when she’s wounded. Distrustful, Cassie is stubbornly independent and resists his help. At a military camp, Cassie’s classmate Ben meets Sammy, now nicknamed Nugget, and befriends him. As Cassie, Evan, and even Ben try to rescue Sammy from the camp, the awful truth of the 5th wave becomes evident, and Cassie doesn’t know who to trust. Sequels are planned, and movie rights have been sold. 5 book trailers can be viewed on the author’s website. This is yet another dark, post-apocalyptic book written for teens, of which there are many, but the 5th Wave stands out for the exciting plot and the memorable characters, who manage to be likeable under the most trying circumstances.  


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