Mistress of My Fate

fate jacketMistress of My Fate by Hallie Rubenhold

Miss Henrietta Ingerton has grown up in a life of privilege in 1780s London, but forever shadowed by her proud, selfish cousin, Lady Catherine. In a Mansfield Park-esque manner, Henrietta is timid, always bowing to the needs of her cousin, whom she desperately wants attention from, until the dashing Lord Allenham pays tribute to both girls. Henrietta and Lady Catherine both fall for him, but it comes out that Lord Allenham loves Henrietta, but cannot marry her, as she has no fortune. This comes to spell tragedy for the couple, but Allenham whispers a word to her that she will always remember: SURVIVE. So this tale is a first-person recollection of Henrietta’s survival so she can one day be reunited with her beloved, who mysteriously disappeared. I was pleasantly surprised by this novel–it has twists and turns, and feels a little like both Moll Flanders and Mansfield Park, rolled into one. The author is a Regency historian, which makes it quite fun for historical fiction lovers.


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