The Silvered

silvered jacketThe Silvered by Tanya Huff

Mirian Maylin is a low-level mage who’s just finished her first year at university. Her mother would love her to attract the attention of one of the young men in the Pack, and lingers near them at the theater. Their small country, Aydori, is threatened by the tech-loving Empire, and some of the werewolves in the Pack serve as officers in Aydori’s army, protecting their border. When families flee the capitol on foot and in carriages, the Empire sets a trap after a soothsayer’s prediction. Young Pack member Tomas survives an attack by a powerful new explosive that kills his brother and best friend, both army officers. He encounters Mirian in the woods after she tries to help some more powerful mages who have been kidnapped. They travel together, with the usual humorous problem of how Tomas can keep his clothes handy when a wolf. The Pack can change at will, and heal when they do, unless struck by a silver weapon. Mirian grows in her magical abilities under pressure, but at a cost. Captain Reiter, their enemy, becomes concerned about the emperor’s plans for the captured mages and his disregard for the Pack. With a setting resembling 19th century Europe, this fantasy has plenty of adventure, some romance, and a little humor to balance the danger. I don’t read many books with werewolves, but I’ve read some of the author’s other books. She writes contemporary or urban fantasy with magic, selkies, dragons, or vampires, traditional fantasy, and military science fiction. A talented writer, but one many fantasy and science fiction fans haven’t read.


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