The Emperor’s Conspiracy

emperor's jacketThe Emperor’s Conspiracy by Michelle Diener

This is what good historical fiction should be! Take a little known conspiracy from history, weave in a fantastical storyline, add a pinch of  Jane Austen Regency culture, and you have a heckuva good novel. The pace of this novel runs quickly as our heroine, Charlotte Raven, runs in both the Regency world and the underworld of London. Charlotte was born to the slums of London and disguised herself as a chimney sweep as a young girl, but a lady of good standing took pity on her and took her in as her ward. As an adult, Charlotte uncovers a dangerous plot that would smuggle England’s gold out of the country into Napoleon’s army, but Charlotte and young Lord Durnham, who works for the Crown, are racing to stop the smuggling before it gets too late.  A fun and exciting novel–highly recommended!


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