The Darling Dahlias and the Confederate Rose

confederate rose jacketThe Darling Dahlias and the Confederate Rose by Susan Wittig Albert

This is a great time of year to read this book, set during a hot April in small town Alabama in the 1930s. The Dahlias are members of a garden club in Darling, now growing a victory garden to help during hard times and getting ready to plant a variety of hibiscus known as the confederate rose at the town cemetery. They also solve mysteries in their spare time; this time trying to clear Verna’s name when she is suspected of embezzlement, solving the puzzle of a cryptic message that is Miss Rogers’ only link to her family history, and figuring out why Angelina is overwrought and losing her hair. It’s a fascinating look at how our mothers or grandmothers may have lived. This is the third book in a series; here’s what I wrote last year about the previous book. If you are in the mood to read a light mystery with quirky characters in a setting very different from ours today, I suggest meeting the Darling Dahlias. Susan and her husband Bill also write other mystery series. Visit their website for more information.


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