A Wanted Man

A Wanted Man by Lee Child

I listened to the latest Jack Reacher thriller on a Playaway in the car, which made for a very interesting listening experience. Ex-military policeman Reacher is hitching a ride in Nebraska, and much of the action takes place on long car rides. Reacher has a badly broken nose before the book begins, so it’s harder than usual for the 6’5” man to hitch a ride, and the narrator, Dick Hill, uses a muffled voice for much of the narration. Reacher gets a ride towards Iowa in a car with two men and a woman, all wearing matching shirts. Two roadblocks later, Reacher discovers that the woman, Karen, is being kidnapped in her own car. Back in Nebraska, a county sheriff and FBI agent Julia Sorenson are investigating the killing of an unidentified man at an old pumping station, and the state police have set up the roadblocks looking for a car with two men. When the CIA shows interest in the victim’s fingerprints and more FBI agents show up, things get really interesting. There is layer on layer of secrets, with undercover agents and multiple plot twists. Reacher, a loner who travels around the country finding trouble and helping the innocent, must use his statistical knowledge and insight into human nature to help discover what is really going on, aided by Sorenson. Unlike most books in the series, most of the action and violence occurs later in the book, and there is no romance this time. What is left is a trip into the heartland of America and a thrilling ride that never lets up on the tension. As I was listening on a Playaway, I never knew how close to the end of the book I was. Interested? Start with The Killing Floor, and see Kay’s post describing the rest of the series here.


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