The Third Gate

The Third Gate, by Lincoln Child

Ghost Busters meets the Mummy.  Jeremy Logan is an “enigmalogist”, a fancy name for a ghost hunter. He is very good and well known for what he does.  He meets up with Porter Stone, a world famous archaeologist, who is deep into his latest “dig”.  The dig is the tomb of the first pharaoh, King Narmer, who united the upper and lower kingdoms of ancient Egypt. The dig is not going well. The tomb is located under 30 feet of mud choked swamp called the “Sud”, an area of the Nile that spreads out hundreds of miles in south Sudan.  This is a very high tech dig involving huge flat boats and drilling platforms, a logistical nightmare.  And also a real nightmare as an ancient curse set upon the tomb, that really bad things will happen to anyone that disturbs it, appears to be coming true.  This is why Jeremy is called in to try and defuse the curse. 

The body count rises as Jeremy teams with Jennifer Rush a woman who has had an NDE or “near death experience” that lasted 15 minutes, and has unusual psychic abilities.  She has been communicating with a malevolent spirit that has been plaguing the dig site.  Will the curse doom them all?  Will Porter Stone become the most famous archaeologist ever, by finding the mother of all Egyptian tombs?

I really enjoyed this thriller. I like books that entertain and that can educate you at the same time.  This author has written a lot of thrillers such as Deep Storm, Terminal Freeze, Death Match, Utopia  He is also part of the team of Douglass Preston and Lincoln Child who wrote the Pendergast series. (Relic, Reliquary) etc.  You can visit them at their website.



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