John Saturnall’s Feast

John Saturnall’s Feast by Lawrence Norfolk

John’s mother Susan is an herbalist, but a religious zealot stirs up a village mob to drive John and Susan from their village in 1625. They retreat to Buccla’s Wood, where Susan teaches John to read and he learns about herbs. Susan dies after a hard winter, and young John is sent to Buckland Manor to work as a kitchen boy. John works and sleeps in the kitchen, learning all the different work stations beginning in the scullery, catching occasional glimpses of Lady Lucretia, Lord William’s daughter. John, who has a real gift for cooking, works his way up to assistant cook. Lucretia has issues with food, and goes on a hunger strike when her father arranges her marriage to Piers Callock. John helps prepare dishes to tempt Lucy’s appetite, and is attracted to Lucy.

As Lucy’s marriage approaches, the English Civil War ensues. Sir William, Piers, and the men of the household, including the cooks, go off to war. When they return, John becomes Master Cook and the religious reformers have control of Buckland Manor.

I haven’t mentioned all the mouthwatering descriptions of food, including spectacular pastries, that are prepared in the vast kitchens of Buckland Manor. This is a real treat for foodies and Anglophiles. Learn about the author’s inspiration for the book here.


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