Sideways on a Scooter

Sideways on a Scooter: Life and Love in India by Miranda Kennedy

National Public Radio reporter Miranda Kennedy has reported stories from New York City, Washington, Afghanistan, and tsunami-stricken Sri Lanka. Here she tells her story of living in Delhi, India for several years as a young, single woman. The story she tells is mainly about women; how they struggle with the clash of modern and traditional lifestyles in India, where marriage and children are every young woman’s duty. Miranda has so much difficulty renting an apartment as a single woman that her absent boyfriend is reinvented as her husband. She acquires and learns to interact with bossy servants, hire a driver, and makes friends with Indian women of varied backgrounds.

Slums, rural villages, a Punjabi wedding, and visits to Bangladesh enliven the story. Geeta, modern career girl, resists then longs to be married, her ideas heavily influenced by romantic Bollywood movies. Poor Brahmin Radha looks for a husband for her daughter. Women at her health club spend more time chatting then exercising, but Miranda recognizes this as a much needed social outlet. Parvati has a very modern relationship with writer Vijay, but they maintain separate apartments. Food, family, music, and friendships make for a very lively memoir as Miranda struggles, along with her friends, to figure out her future.


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