The Last Policeman

The Last Policeman, by Ben Winters

This is not another post-apocalyptic novel. Instead, it is set in Concord, New Hampshire six months before a very large asteroid will collide with Earth. Many people have left their jobs to check off the items on their bucket lists, while others have gotten married or moved somewhere with a better climate than Concord. Sadly, some people have given up and died. Rookie detective Hank Palace, known as Stretch, senses something suspicious about the recent death of Peter Zell, a quiet man who worked as an actuary at an insurance company.

Many of Hank’s colleagues don’t see why Hank is trying so hard, and are reluctant to help. Hank’s sister Nico asks him to track down her missing husband, and Peter Zell’s sister keeps avoiding Hank. This is a fine, melancholy police procedural. The next Hank Palace book will be set three months later.


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