Jack Reacher series

Jack Reacher Series, by Lee Child

For some reason I kept putting off reading Lee Child. I know his books are very popular, but I kept pushing them to the bottom of my “to read” list. So eventually I got around to the first book in the Jack Reacher series, Killing Floor. Then I immediately read the second, the third…. For weeks I read nothing but Lee Child.

Jack Reacher is an amazing character. He is big (really big), a loner, a drifter, self-sufficient, smart, and he travels light. When his hotel room is trashed one night that means his toothbrush is broken and tossed onto the floor. He is ex-army and he knows self-defense. He can take on any number of assailants, using head butts, elbows, knees, and any other body parts that are available.

He knows from past experience that he should eat when the opportunity arises because you never know when you might have the chance again. Same thing with sleep.

All in all, Child has created a likeable tough guy, interesting and complicated plots, lots of tension, with some humor thrown in. Occasionally though, I kind of wish Reacher would settle down (for at least a little while) with one of the lovely, beautiful, caring women he encounters. I have been on the waiting list for the final book, and I finally have it at home. Can’t wait to read it! For more about Jack Reacher, visit the author’s web site.      Kay

Here is a list of the Jack Reacher novels, in order of publication:

1. Killing Floor

2. Die Trying

3. Tripwire

4. Running Blind

5. Echo Burning

6. Without Fail

7. Persuader

8. The Enemy

9. One Shot

10. The Hard Way

11. Bad Luck and Trouble

12. Nothing to Lose

13. Gone Tomorrow

14. 61 Hours

15. Worth Dying For

16. The Affair

Your library also owns the entire series on compact disc. They make great listening!

One thought on “Jack Reacher series

  1. Thank you for reminding me of this series and of how I find myself charging through each chapter! I think your lighthearted review is right on.

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